“Todd has been awesome to work with. His prices were the best, and he worked with me to make sure we were getting the best deal. He responded to our questions quickly, and was able to provide insight that I did not know about and helped me make my decision. The team at Ameri-Shred was great as well. They didn’t try and upsell us a unit I did not need, and made sure our unit could handle our current and future needs. He charged fair prices all around, provided great service, and answered questions, and was totally fair the whole way through.” – Seven Leaf

Mighty Mulcher

10-100 HP Models

Now with 1 and 5 horse power models!!!  Much smaller, more portable but lower in price.  Perfect for smaller farms, greenhouses and mobile applications.

Mighty Mulcher, efficiently shred medicinal plants, medical plant root balls, medicine plant stems, medical plant stalks and hemp plant waste. These low speed, high torque dual shaft shredders ensure less downtime, noise, and dust emission compared to high speed two-shaft shredders.

Mighty Mulcher shredders, are available in 10 to 100 horsepower models and were engineered for this specific application. Everything from the hopper size to the cutter profile was carefully considered to ensure you obtain the shred size and throughput you require for shredding medical plant waste.

Mighty Mulcher shredders, utilize bearing protection that prevents shredded contaminants from reaching the bearings through the use of false walls and seals. These medical plant waste shredders include individual cleaning fingers that reduce wrapping and material packing between the cutters.